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Monday, April 6th 2020
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China brings WTO dispute resolution case against US, EU

Thursday, 16th December 2016

"China filed a dispute resolution case with the World Trade Organisation Monday over the so-called "surrogate country" approach used by the United States and the European Union to calculate anti-dumping measures applied to Chinese exports.

When China joined the WTO in 2001 it was written into the terms of the deal that member states could treat it as a non-market economy for 15 years.

The deadline passed on Sunday, but the US, EU and Japan has nevertheless opted to preserve tough rules that protect them from cheap Chinese products flooding their markets.

Now China wants the EU and US to stop using a "surrogate country" system -- judging the price of Chinese goods against a third country's -- to determine whether China is selling its products below market prices.

Beijing, which highly covets market economy status, expressed disappointment with decisions by Washington and Brussels to continue using the system and announced it was lodging a complaint with the WTO."

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