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Tuesday, April 7th 2020
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5 factors driving the Chinese lawtech boom

Thursday, 5th April 2019

"The second largest economy globally has legal innovations the world should hear about. In enhancing access to justice, China is developing a vibrant emerging market for “lawtech” or “legaltech” (technology for delivering legal services). The Chinese market is growing fervently to meet the enormously rising needs of its people for affordable and accessible legal services and address the challenges of a relatively young legal system. Just as mobile banking and fintech have helped African nations “leapfrog” in developing their financial systems, lawtech promises to accelerate growth of newer legal systems – and China can offer a few useful lessons. Here are the five key factors shaping the Chinese lawtech market today: 1. Government support

The Chinese government has committed significant resources to digital transformation. China leads the world in state-backed online dispute resolution with, among other initiatives, the founding of internet courts in Hangzhou, Beijing and Guangzhou. These courts try disputes on e-commerce, consumer credit, copyright, domain names and certain administrative law matters. Most judicial processes there can be run online, including initial filing, mediation, evidence exchange, and the hearing and announcement of the judgment."

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Source: The European Sting with the World Economic Forum
Language: English
Contact: Sebastian Ko, Co-founder/COO, DHB Global

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