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Friday, September 18th 2020
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The Business of Disputes in Sports: A Chinese Perspective

Thursday, 13th December 2019

"As part of a broader commitment to expand JAMS’ global footprint, the JAMS International Operations group recently organized an event in Beijing, China. The conference, which JAMS co-hosted with the Beijing Arbitration Commission (BAC), was titled “Sports Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution in China: A Perfect Match” and convened on November 1, 2019.

The half-day event opened with remarks by Deputy Secretary-General Dr. Fuyong Chen of the BAC. Following that, Deputy Director Li Zhiquan of the Department of Political Affairs and Law in the General Administration of Sport of China, a government agency concerned with regulating and promoting the growth of sports throughout China, delivered the keynote speech. His address wove together several critical topics, including building alternative dispute resolution (ADR) systems, the promotion of rules and regulations, the importance of the role of the private sector in ADR and the development of a sports governance system."

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Language: English
Contact: Ranse Howell

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