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Tuesday, August 4th 2020
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Chinese court, government still trying to settle iPad trademark dispute
Tuesday, 25th April 2012

<p>&quot;A Chinese court is trying to mediate a settlement between Apple and a company named Proview over control of the iPad trademark in China.&quot;</p><p>Select the link to read more from this article.&nbsp;</p>

Mediators cure medical disputes
Tuesday, 18th April 2012


EALR Article on China Constitutional Disputes Sets Off Fireworks
Tuesday, 11th April 2012

<p>&quot;The Lunar Year of the Dragon began with great fanfare across Asia with wishes of good fortune and strength.&nbsp; On the venerable&nbsp;<a style="border-bottom-width: 1px; border-bottom-style: dotted; border-bottom-color: #51...

Bridging the trust gap over Taiwan Straits
Tuesday, 28th March 2012


For Consumers Association moves to consumer dispute resolution
Tuesday, 28th March 2012

<p>&quot;After more than a year of preparation, the China Consumers&#39; Association in Beijing before the official launch of the vehicle safety norms and consumer education series of activities &#39;in the associations hope that through...

China?s Commercial Arbitration and Mediation Model Gaining Prestige
Monday, 27th March 2012

<p>&quot;With the increasing success rates of China&rsquo;s commercial arbitration and mediation model, many other nearby nations are increasingly adopting it as a preferred style of dispute resolution. Originally, the adoption of this dispu...

Arbitral procedure and med-arb from English and Chinese eyes
Saturday, 25th March 2012

<p>&quot;English and Chinese perspectives on international arbitration [and mediation]was the theme of a recent event co-hosted in Beijing by the China Britain Law Institute, or CBLI, and the Bar Council of England and Wales. CBLI co-founder&...

Dispute Resolution of Aviation Accidents - By Reference to the Air France Crash
Tuesday, 21st March 2012

<p>&quot;Dispute resolution proceedings involving aviation accidents are far more complicated than general dispute resolution proceedings because complicated relationships between numerous parties should be considered. Due to their complex natur...

Labor disputes soar in Guangdong
Tuesday, 4th January 2012

<p>&quot;GUANGZHOU - Labor dispute cases reported in Guangdong province, an economic powerhouse in South China, surged almost three-fold in the past four years, with the implementation of the new Labor Contract Law.</p><p style="margin-...

China's grassroots mediation organizations resolve over 400,000 disputes in 2011
Thursday, 30th December 2011

<p>BEIJING,&nbsp;Dec. 23 (Xinhua)&nbsp;More&nbsp;than&nbsp;31,000&nbsp;grassroots&nbsp;mediation&nbsp;organizationshave&nbsp;been&nbsp;established&nbsp;across&nbsp;China,&nbsp;and&nbsp;they&nbs...

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