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Friday, July 10th 2020
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Expo Court: Swift And Effective
Thursday, 9th July 2010

&quot;The average processing time of the 14 cases - 13 of which were settled through mediation and one through judgement - is 25 days, significantly time saving compared with normal legal procedures, which typically take several months, said court off...

Mediation Can Help Settle Rising Disputes
Thursday, 9th July 2010

&quot;Mediation must precede trials as the first attempt to solve disputes, with the hopes of addressing emerging social conflicts more quickly and efficiently, the country&#39;s top court has mandated.&quot;

Mediation Draft Law Could Ease Tension
Thursday, 9th July 2010

&quot;Legislators started to review a draft of the country&#39;s first law on mediation on Tuesday, hoping outside-court settlement of minor disputes could help ease the rising social tension.&quot;

Court Pushes For More Mediation
Thursday, 4th June 2010

&quot;&quot;We want to apply such a practice to more civil cases to resolve disputes instead of litigation,&quot; Shen Deyong, executive vice-president of the SPC, told a symposium in Beijing yesterday.&quot;

Thursday, 21st May 2010

&quot;By being patient and listening. Seeing the cases from two sides is my skill. I believe the best way to solve the dispute in some cases is mediation, due to some defects in the current legal system.&quot;

'Mediation Prior To Arbitration' Saves Time
Thursday, 21st May 2010

&quot;Arbitration does not replace mediation, but provides an alternate dispute resolution (ADR) instead of litigation when mediation fails. Mediation is a good first step to help two parties reach a consensus. However, since mediation is not binding,...

Mediation To Solve Building Disputes
Thursday, 21st May 2010

&quot;The current practice used in business or trade, which involves using an arbitration mechanism, could be useful in the process of settling building disputes. This approach is more effective than litigation because arbitration is a terminal proces...

Litigation Is Not The Way To Go In China
Sunday, 16th February 2009

&quot;Mediation is a recommended preliminary step in all types of dispute resolution in China, and is often undertaken as part of the litigation process.&quot;

From Mediation to Adjudication: Settling Labor Disputes in China
Monday, 15th April 2008

&quot;As China&#39;s economic reforms gradually render traditional forms of labor mediation ineffective, more workers are resorting to courts.&quot;

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