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Sunday, September 20th 2020
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JAMS establishes Shanghai alliance
Wednesday, 31st March 2016

"China is the new frontier for global alternative dispute resolution provider 
India, China talks on trade dispute resolution tomorrow

Sunday, 16th April 2012

<p>BEIJING: Officials of India and China will discuss issues relating to anti-dumping and other trade disputes between the two countries during a meeting here tomorrow.&nbsp;</p><p>&quot;The talks between the two countries were a...

14,976 cases of medical disputes handled through third-party mediation in 1st ten months, senior health official
Tuesday, 28th December 2011

<p>BEIJING, Dec. 25 (Xinhua) -- A total of 14,976 cases of medical disputes were handled by the country&#39;s emerging third-party mediation organizations, with over 80 percent of them being successfully settled, said Vice Health Minister Zhang ...

Jiangsu: IP dispute mediation commission
Monday, 23rd August 2011

&quot;An intellectual property dispute mediation commission was founded in July as part of the Changzhou Intellectual Property (IP) Rights Center.&quot;

Mediation Boards to settle Campus Disputes
Tuesday, 9th February 2011

&quot;Minister of Justice Rauf Hakeem informed parliament yesterday that the government is planning to set up Special Mediation Boards to resolve conflicts in universities.&quot;

Stemming the Tide of Complaints
Tuesday, 9th February 2011

<p>&quot;The move also called for more mediation services and dispute resolution mechanisms at the local level, spanning various branches of government.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

''Mediation Bus'' to deal with Traffic Altercations
Sunday, 13th December 2010

&quot;Officials in Beijing have deployed a &#39;&#39;mediation bus&#39;&#39; in an initiative to deal with growing disputes and altercations in public buses here to reduce pressure on the city police. With two retired police officials ...

Chinese Judges told to use Mediation to settle Disputes
Monday, 23rd November 2010

&quot;China&#39;s Supreme People&#39;s Court (SPC) has urged courts across the country to use mediation as their first step to settle disputes and promote social harmony.&quot;

Chinese Legislature passes people's Mediation Law
Monday, 23rd November 2010

&quot;The law establishes the people&#39;s mediation committee as the legal organization to resolve everyday disputes, and sets down the procedure for formation of such an organization within community committees.&quot;

Court Mediation solving more civil Cases, social Conflict
Monday, 23rd November 2010

&quot;Litigants either withdrew lawsuits or reconciled with the other party after court mediation in nearly 8.3 million civil cases in China in the 30 months ending June this year, China&#39;s chief justice, Wang Shengjun, said Wednesday.&quot...

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