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Friday, September 18th 2020
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'Mediation Bus' to deal with Traffic Altercations
Monday, 9th November 2010

&quot;Beijing: Officials in Beijing have deployed a &#39;mediation bus&#39; in an initiative to deal with growing disputes and altercations in public buses here to reduce pressure on the city police.&quot;

Lawyers On Hand To Protect Consumer Rights At Expo
Thursday, 6th August 2010

&quot;In late April when the Expo park begins trial operation, the commission will dispatch 28 people who speak English to visitor service centers at the park to advise consumers of their rights. <br /><br />A team of 26 volunteer lawyers ...

Thursday, 16th July 2010

&quot;On April 9 in Hangzhou, Mr Wong will meet officials from the People&#39;s Government of Zhejiang Province, the Legislative Affairs Office of the People&#39;s Government of Zhejiang Province, and the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Just...

Thursday, 9th July 2010

&quot;Wang told the judges to become more skilled in solving disputes through mediation.&quot;

More Mediation Offices Coming
Thursday, 21st May 2010

&quot;More than 300 police stations in Beijing will have civil mediation offices by the end of the year to help deal with social disputes in their early stages, authorities said on Tuesday.&quot;

Xiaxue Refuses To Say Sorry
Thursday, 9th April 2010

&quot;However, he added that they will not rule out other options besides going to court, such as mediation or a &#39;without prejudice&#39; meeting between both parties to settle the dispute.&quot;

Worker Protest Blocks China Steel Takeover
Thursday, 2nd October 2009

&quot;The demonstration began on Tuesday and only ended on Saturday after a government mediation team promised to temporarily call off the deal, Xinhua said.&quot;

Seek A Settlement Prior To Going To Courts
Thursday, 11th September 2009

&quot;The regulation would give agreements reached through arbitration or mediation by administrative bodies, mercantile organizations and industrial groups, the same force in law as those judged by the courts, the report said.&quot;

No More Police Raids: China And Europe Agree to Talk
Wednesday, 19th March 2009

&quot;At this year&#39;s Cebit, though, things were a little quieter, thanks in part to the intervention of a team of mediators from a new organization, the China IPR Desk, supported by China&#39;s Ministry of Commerce and the European Commiss...

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