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Friday, February 26th 2021
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Long Awaited German Mediation Law Enacted
Tuesday, 15th August 2012

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Tuesday, 23rd February 2011

&quot;A parliamentary mediation committee made of both Bundestag and Bundesrat members started working on Monday to hammer out a compromise amid opposition demands for significant improvements.&quot;

Protests continue against German Rail Project
Monday, 23rd November 2010

&quot;The mediation process is being held in the full media glare. Many, including the regions SPD opposition, are also calling for an inquiry into alleged police brutality. Three weeks ago scores of people were injured in clashes with police, which s...

Mediation over contentious German Rail Project goes awry - Summary
Monday, 16th November 2010

&quot;An attempt to mediate between a state government and protesters in Germany went awry Thursday, with authorities disowning a claim that they have suspended all work on a new railway station and lines in the city of Stuttgart.&quot;

Government denies Halt in contentious German Rail Project
Sunday, 1st November 2010

&quot;&quot;This mediation will at least help to weigh up and compare the facts and the arguments,&quot; he said.&quot;

Wage Dispute
Thursday, 5th June 2009

&quot;German construction sector union IG Bau on Monday called for mediators to help resolve a wage dispute with employers after three rounds of failed talks.&quot;

CSSP_newsworld May 2009
Wednesday, 21st May 2009

&quot;With our CSSP_newsworld we would like to keep you informed about our organisation and share recent projects on Mediation in the Balkans. In this issue, we focus on our assessment visits, trainings, events and changes at CSSP over the last 4 mont...