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Sunday, January 17th 2021
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More mediation use can reduce court cases backlog
Saturday, 13th November 2011

<p>&quot;PRESIDENT of the Mediation Institute of Guyana (MIG), Ms. Jamela Ali has said that more use of the process could reduce the backlog of court cases and allow for more timely access to justice...According to her, the procedure, establishe...

Mediation to become ?an established culture? here
Saturday, 6th November 2011

<p>ACTING Chancellor of the Judiciary, Justice Carl Singh, chided lawyers last Friday morning for their unresponsiveness to mediation in Guyana, a process that could resolve legal matters quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, but which lawyers ...

Report on Mediation Forum
Thursday, 4th November 2011

<!--StartFragment--> <p style="text-align: justify" class="MsoNormal">The Mediation Institute of Guyana Inc. (MIG)<strong> </strong>held its ever first Mediation Forum at the Ocean View International Hotel, Liliendaal, East Coast ...

Guyana Mediators on Court roster
Wednesday, 18th August 2011

Select the link below to review the extensive list of registered mediators and trainers in Guyana.

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation in Guyana
Sunday, 15th August 2011

An overview of the mediation process as it related to mediation practice in Guyana.

Mediation in Caribbean Justice
Wednesday, 11th August 2011

&quot;The use of Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Caribbean is as yet in a fledgling state and there is little information about it in most parts of the region, except for Jamaica which has a considerably developed ADR scheme which focuses on med...

Commentary: Whither Mediation In The Carribean After The WICB And WIPA Fallout?
Monday, 30th March 2010

<p>&quot;Recently, the art of mediation was put in the Caribbean spotlight because of the dispute between the West Indies Cricket Board and the West Indies Players Association. For those who have no confidence in the system of alternative disput...

Commentary: Restorative Justice: A Farfetched Idea For The Carribean?
Monday, 30th March 2010

<p>A commentary reflecting the climate of crmie and punishment in the Carribean.</p>

Resolving Disputes Through Alternative Means
Thursday, 5th February 2010

&quot;Initially, seven types of civil cases were identified as being eligible for the pilot project &ndash; criminal and family cases were excluded. In addition, a new course on ADR was introduced in the curriculum of the University of Guyana Law ...

Balancing Interests In Intellectual Property Law
Wednesday, 26th November 2009

&quot;Of immense importance in the development of legislation which will address this area of the law is the incorporation of Alternative Dispute Resolution as an integral means of resolving disputes related to Intellectual Property Rights alongside o...