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Wednesday, February 26th 2020
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How do people resolve disputes, if not through courts?

Wednesday, 3rd January 2019

Docu-series Project JANA examines non-judicial bodies in India.  Select the link to watch now!

"DAKSH is a Bengaluru-based civil society organisation working to promote accountability and better governance in India. In 2017, they conducted a household survey to explore the various methods people choose to resolve their disputes. What prompted them was the question: ‘How do people resolve their disputes, if not through the courts?’ In addition to responses from the public, they interviewed representatives of various non-judicial bodies across the country, such as khap panchayats, religious authorities, political parties, village panchayats, and the police — who are all deeply involved in dispute resolution — as well as lawyers and judges from the formal justice system.

Above is the introductory video to Project JANA. The films in this video documentary, record the responses of these representatives to questions such as the nature of disputes addressed by these bodies, how they define the concept of justice, the reasons why litigants chose them over the courts, and so on. In doing so, the films highlight the various pathways to justice in India and the reasons for people’s choices. Thus, ‘Justice, Access, and the Nation’s Approaches’ (JANA)."


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