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Tuesday, January 28th 2020
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Out-of-court Solutions Catching On
Thursday, 4th December 2009

&quot;Often described as a &quot;common sense&#39;&#39; approach to resolving disputes out of court rather than getting caught in a cumbersome, judicial process, ADR is becoming popular among lawyers as well as the masses.&quot;

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Thursday, 13th November 2009

&quot;Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) comprises the gathering of the parties to a contract, with a trained independent person &ndash; the mediator, to explore whether a mutually satisfactory elucidation can be found to the dispute that has st...

IIAM Journal "The Indian Arbitrator" - October 2009
Thursday, 23rd October 2009

&quot;IIAM has established its Mediator Accreditation System and<br />Qualification Assessment Programs for grading Mediators from<br />Community Mediators to Commercial Mediators. The QAP&#146;s are<br />implemented to ensure th...

Prime Minister's Speech At The Joint Conference Of Chief Ministers And Chief Justices
Thursday, 2nd October 2009

&quot;Consensual Dispute Resolution &ndash; whether by way of arbitration or diverse forms of mediation &ndash; is an effective bypass to litigation, with significant preventive and curative virtues.&quot;

The Law And Justice Minister?s Speech At The Conference Of Chief Ministers And Chief Justices Of The High Courts
Thursday, 2nd October 2009

&quot;We are also of the opinion that alternative dispute resolution methods must be adopted as a means of exploring conciliation, mediation as well as arbitration in a fair and transparent as well as effective manner.&quot;

?Criticising Lawyers And Courts Unwarranted?
Thursday, 4th September 2009

&quot;He was inaugurating a Regional Awareness Programme on Mediation, hosted jointly by the judicial officers and Bar Associations of Kottayam, Pathanamthitta and Idukki districts here.&quot;

Thursday, 28th August 2009

&quot;Justice Thakur opined that common sense and positive approach should be utilized while disposing off cases. He also suggested that the Judicial Officers should also ascertain whether the case was fit for to send for Conciliation and Mediation ce...

Judicial Reforms In India
Thursday, 10th July 2009

&quot;Recourse to Alternate Dispute Redressal (ADR) mechanism can greatly help in reducing pendency of cases through arbitration, negotiations, conciliation and mediation.&quot;

Conciliatory Trend
Thursday, 19th June 2009

&quot;The new methods put mediation first, then conciliation and, as the last resort, arbitration.&quot;

A Mission; A Responsibility
Thursday, 20th March 2009

&quot;Article about establishing Community Mediation Clinics in India&quot;.

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