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Friday, August 23rd 2019
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Alternative Dispute Resolution In India
Thursday, 30th January 2009

<p>&quot;The beginning of the modern ADR movement is from United States of America. Chief Justice Warren Burger on noticing the increase of cases from 2000 to about 5000 in the US Supreme Court between 1963 to 1982 made the following remarks: - ...

Envisioning Justice In The 21st Century
Thursday, 30th January 2009

<p>&quot;The philosophy of Alternate Dispute Resolution systems is well-stated by Abraham Lincoln &quot;discourage litigation, persuade your neighbours to compromise whenever you can. Point-out to them how the normal winner is often a loser ...

Utilise Mediation
Wednesday, 18th December 2008

This article encourages the use of ADR.

E-courts In India And ADR
Sunday, 27th October 2008

<p>Praveen Dalal talks about the possibiilty of ODR&nbsp; (Online Dispute Resolution).and also touches upon the incorporation of ADR.</p>

Conflict Resolution Through Mediation
Wednesday, 16th October 2008

This article by Firdosh Kassam of the Centre For Alternative Dispute Resolution looks at conflict resolution through mediation in India.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Methods "Gaining Importance"
Sunday, 13th October 2008

An article regarding ADR in India, has advised that it is gaining in importance&nbsp;and also discusses&nbsp;the concept of &quot;Online Dispute Resolution&quot; (ODR).

Mediation Centers For Saving Marriages
Thursday, 10th October 2008

The concept of mediation centers is gaining popularity attempting to resolve divorce proceedings.

Supreme Court Judge Arijit Pasayat Has Said That Alternative Dispute Resolution Gaining Importance
Thursday, 3rd October 2008

<p>Supreme Court Judge Arijit Pasayat has said that ADR was gaining importance in a Delhi seminar on the &quot;Concept Of Alternative Dispute Resoultion&quot;.</p>

Chief Justice Of Madras Has Called For Methods Such As ADR
Thursday, 3rd October 2008

In India, the Chief Justice of Madras has called for methods such as ADR to faciliate the backlog of cases and litigation.

Conciliation and Mediation
Saturday, 29th June 2008

A summary of conciliation and medition in India from Justice Dr. M. K.&nbsp; Sharma,<br />Judge, High Court of Delhi.

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