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Thursday, February 27th 2020
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Courts of injustice
Sunday, 13th August 2018

"Alternative legal redress systems are needed and welcome. But, as debate in the UK has shown, sharia councils are the preserves of clerics who are intolerant of women’s equality and rights." Read in full: 

CJI cautions judges against forcing parties for mediation
Sunday, 13th August 2018

Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra on Saturday cautioned the judges against imposing their views on parties to settle their disputes through mediation or Lok Adalat. Discussing the strategy of reducing p...

Ex-Judge to set up dispute resolution centre
Wednesday, 19th July 2018


A new dispute settlement mantra in Rajasthan
Wednesday, 19th July 2018

"MSEFC solving business disputes through conciliation

Rayat-Bahra Law Students Selected For Seminar At Straus Institute For Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University, USA
Wednesday, 12th July 2018

Select the link to read this article in full: 

Muslim Personal Law Board To Expand Sharia Courts All Over India To Mediate On Family Disputes
Wednesday, 12th July 2018

"All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), India’s highest decision-making body on Muslim affairs has planned to open Darul-Qaza or Sharia courts in all the districts of the country. The meeting of which is scheduled on 15 July 2018.&nbs...

Expectations and Self-Determination
Thursday, 6th July 2018

"The social capital of any society is education and identity. Valid identity of the individual, identity of the collective and identity of the nation sustained and enabled by proper education/knowledge results in positive growth and development bo...

Multi-Tier Arbitration Clauses: Directory Or Mandatory?
Thursday, 29th June 2018

"After the recent amendments in the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, inter alia, regarding fixation of time period within which a dispute must be adjudicated upon, more and more parties are flocking towards arbitration. Arbitration Clauses for...

Making ODR the Obvious Dispute Resolution mechanism in India
Wednesday, 21st June 2018

"There was an era when the ‘internet’ was a scary word. In today’s era, “no internet” is the scary word. We live in a time where digital presence is as important as a physical one, and where no activity on the internet r...

Mandatory Mediation under Commercial Courts Act – A Boost to Effective and Efficient Dispute Resolution in India
Wednesday, 14th June 2018

"Mediation Ordinance under the Commercial Courts Act

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