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Sunday, May 31st 2020
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Changing the World? An Inspiring Encounter at the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition

Sunday, 25th February 2019

"I was again privileged to be at the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition in early February, which this time included a new event – an intergenerational round table, workshops for student and professional participants together. It began with an hour of dialogue around one table, where participants were asked to generate and discuss questions for each other. At my table, these questions included matters like “how do you deal with your feelings when your mediations fail,” which led to a discussion on what is meant by the “failure” of mediation, or whether a better question might not be “what is within me that makes me see a particular mediation as failed,” or “what do I do with my feelings when I feel that my interventions are not appropriate and I have failed.”

Then there was a moment that I found magical. My friend and colleague Rosemary Howell (who also writes for this blog) told us that now she was getting older she was thinking about her legacy, and she turned this around as a question for the table, the average age at which was well under forty. The question was: “How do you, as young mediators, wish to change the world?” It was the answers that were magical."

Select the link to read the intriguing and moving responses from mediators and students around the world.

Source: Bond & Bond Mediation / University of Wildau
Language: English
Contact: Greg Bond

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