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Friday, October 19th 2018
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Mediating Nigeria’s conflicts (1)

Thursday, 13th October 2017

"There is little doubt that Nigeria is under pressure from conflicts; but as some argue, many of the disputes have always been there. Whether it is the Boko Haram war, Niger Delta crisis, separatist agitations, herdsmen attacks, cattle rustlers, armed robbery and kidnapping, corruption or even politically induced crisis, there is the argument that these are mutations of crisis, which has been with us, some since Independence.

Of course, the Muhammadu Buhari’s presidency, like its predecessors have been doing what it can to put out the fires. One strategy it has successfully adopted is to mandate the vice president, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, a distinguished professor of law, to act as the chief strategist in using mediation and conciliation to fight the fires. Whether it is the Niger Delta crisis, or cries of marginalisation, or high profile kidnapping incidents, or even fallouts of natural disaster, the vice president has been entrusted with managing the situation.

Of note, this strategy has achieved a lot, and as a practitioner of law and mediation, I can say that mediation has a lot of advantages, as a means of dispute resolution. In appropriate cases, mediation will prove to be economical, voluntary involvement and compliance, cost saving, enduring and even faster than litigation. Even arbitration, which is another method of dispute resolution, though bogged down by technicalities, is cheaper and speedier than litigation; especially were parties are foreclosed from appealing an arbitral award.

So, this two piece instalment, will attempt a conceptual argument for the use of mediation as the best tool for dispute resolution."

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Language: English
Contact: Gabriel Amalu

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