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Friday, September 18th 2020
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UK (England and Wales)

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New Project Could Mean Victims Decide Punishment For Criminals To Save Police Time
Monday, 7th April 2009

&quot;Restorative Justice has already been used alongside court proceedings, but this is the first time it will be used instead of criminal prosecutions.&quot;

Langleys Support Mediation Event
Monday, 7th April 2009

&quot;On 4 March 2008 over 20 local solicitors, accountants and other professionals gathered at York Court to hear first hand from the Judiciary and locally trained mediators the benefits of resolving disputes out of Court by way of mediation.&quo...

Midlands Law Firm In Dubai Call Over Construction Disputes
Monday, 31st March 2009

&quot;With reports that the Dubai Government is about to pass a law that will require all construction disputes to go through a mediation centre before they can be litigated in the courts, Chris Duffill, the regional director of the Vinden Partnership...

Report Urges Cash For Rehabilitation
Monday, 31st March 2009

&quot;The CSJ said that three new pieces of Parliamentary legislation should be created &ndash; a Community Prison and Rehabilitation Act, a Second Chance Act (a reform of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974), and a Restorative Justice Act.&a...

Acas Code Of Practice On Disciplinary And Grievance
Wednesday, 19th March 2009

&quot;Acas hopes that third-party mediation will become more popular as part of a cultural shift away from litigation.&quot;

Restorative Justice To Be Introduced To The Area
Wednesday, 19th March 2009

&quot;Residents and community leaders from Glastonbury and Street met in a bid to bring restorative justice to the area.&quot;

Southwark Mediation Centre
Sunday, 9th March 2009

&quot;Southwark Mediation Centre will be continuing its work with young people at Bacon&#39;s College in Rotherhithe training them as mediators who then help resolve conflict in the college.&quot;

Police Bring Teenage Offenders Face-to-face With Their Victims
Sunday, 2nd March 2009

&quot;The &quot;restorative justice&quot; system on trial in parts of Barnsley uses alternative means of dealing with those involved in incidents such as criminal damage and low-level violence. Those responsible also avoid a criminal record.&a...

LSC Announces Training Help For Mediation Suppliers
Sunday, 23rd February 2009

&quot;The Legal Services Commission has announced that 14 mediation providers have been awarded grants to assist them train more mediators.&quot;

New Dispute Service Is Launched
Sunday, 16th February 2009

&quot;It involves a surveyor trained in dispute resolution ensuring that costs are clearly defined at the outset and depending on the nature of the dispute, involves one or more stages.&quot;

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