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Friday, July 10th 2020
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UK (England and Wales)

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Bury Mediation Scheme Launches
Thursday, 13th February 2009

&quot;The Whitefield office of Contour Homes has teamed up with housing colleagues at Irwell Valley Housing Association and Bury Councils Anti Social Behaviour Team to launch a free mediation team for Bury residents.&quot;

Construction Industry ADR Growth
Thursday, 6th February 2009

&quot;Yesterday, the firm announced that revenues at Driver Group rose 43% to &pound;18.1m in the year to 30 September.&quot;

Mediators Take On Foreign Staff Row
Thursday, 6th February 2009

&quot;Mediators are contacting unions and employers involved in a bitter dispute over the use of foreign workers on construction projects.&quot;

Restorative Justice Option From Police
Thursday, 23rd January 2009

<p>&quot;Cheshire Constabulary denies its restorative justice programme is a &ldquo;soft&rdquo; option even though offenders of lesser crimes will be let off without a criminal prosecution.&quot;</p>

UK Mediators To Assist in Indian Backlog
Sunday, 10th November 2008

India has requested assistance from UK mediators to assist in clearing a backlog of 29 million disputes, this article states.

UK Small Claims Mediation Service Wins International Awards
Sunday, 3rd November 2008

The Small Claims Mediation Service, which is run by Her Majestey&#39;s Courst Service has beaten 37 applications from 15 Europena Countries.

Mediation: The New European Directive
Thursday, 19th September 2008

This is a very short summary of the Mediation Directive, set in the context of abstracts from two keynote speeches; one by Lord Phillips and the second by the Master of the Rolls. It cross-refers to Mediation FAQs that&nbsp;are published in 14 languag...

Senior UK Judge gives speech on future of mediation
Monday, 13th May 2008

Sir Anthony Clarke, Master of the Rolls, gave a speech on the future of civil mediation in the UK at the conference of the UK&#39;s Civil Mediation Council, in Birmingham, England on 12th May 2008.&nbsp;&nbsp; See attached link for full text.

Costs penalties for delaying mediation
Friday, 26th January 2008

<p><font face="Trebuchet MS">The Technology and Construction Court has decided that a party who succeeds in litigation may still not recover some of their legal costs from the losing party if they unreasonably delayed a mediation.&nbsp;&am...

Launch of 'The Mediator Magazine'
Tuesday, 21st November 2007

<p>A new online mediator magasine, &#39;The Mediator Magazine&#39;,&nbsp;launched this&nbsp;month in the UK.&nbsp; <span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: 'Times New Roman','serif'">S</span>ee weblink below for det...

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