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Friday, September 18th 2020
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UK (England and Wales)

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Restorative Justice
Thursday, 17th September 2010

&quot;The restorative justice initiative allows victims to decide how yobs should be punished for their crimes.&quot;

Cranleigh Village Hospital Fight Goes To Mediation
Wednesday, 9th September 2010

&quot;Health chiefs are to meet campaigners fighting to save a village hospital after both sides agreed to take part in mediation.&quot;

University Opens Mediation Clinic
Wednesday, 9th September 2010

&quot;Law students at a Kent university will be able to observe people attempting to settle disputes out of court when its new mediation service opens this term.&quot;

Civil Mediation Council Guidance Note - The Obligations Of Mediators Under The Proceeds of Crime Act
Tuesday, 18th August 2010

<p>The CMC has issued a Guidance Note which refers members to the</p><p>Chartered Institute of Arbitrators&#39; published guidance on the obligations</p><p>of mediators under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.</p>

Working Together To Reduce Re-Offending
Thursday, 13th August 2010

&quot;University of Gloucestershire students are working with Gloucestershire&rsquo;s Restorative Justice (RJ) programme and bringing victims of crime together with those who committed the crime against them,&quot;

Restorative Justice In Cumbria
Thursday, 23rd July 2010

&quot;Since April 2008, police officers in South Cumbria have been using restorative justice to deal with low-level offences committed by offenders under 18, with 17.2 per cent reoffending, compared with 31.4 per cent of young people who received a re...

Mediation Firms Merge
Thursday, 16th July 2010

&quot;The Solent Mediation Group, run by Roger Salvetti, a partner at Biscoes solicitors, has merged with Wessex Civil Mediation Group.&quot;

PeerLink Schools Mediation Event
Thursday, 21st May 2010

&quot;This event is for young mediators from schools in Waltham Forest, bringing them together for workshops, activities and the chance to share ideas and their experience of resolving conflict in school and the community.&quot;

Thursday, 7th May 2010

&quot;They will be taught about conflict resolution, leadership, mediation, self-awareness and identity, as well as practical skills in arts, culture, sport leadership, health and education.&quot;

Association Of Arrears Mediators Launched
Thursday, 26th March 2010

&quot;Five leading mortgage and loan arrears mediation companies have founded the Association of Arrears Mediators (AAM), a new trade association for this section of the arrears industry.&quot;

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