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Monday, October 18th 2021
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Women in Dispute Resolution: Parties, Lawyers and Dispute Resolvers: What Difference Does ?Gender Difference? Make?
Tuesday, 15th August 2012

<p><font face="Myriad Roman, Arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif;" size="2">Abstract:&nbsp;</font>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />For a symposium on Women In ADR, this article reviews the existing and controver...

Court-Connected Settlement Procedures: Mediation and Judicial Settlement Conferences
Thursday, 2nd December 2011

&quot;Court efforts to facilitate settlement in civil cases, whether through judicial settlement conferences or court-connected mediation and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes, have become commonplace. With the 1983 revisions to Rul...

Judicial Settlement Conferences and Staff Mediation Empirical Research Findings
Thursday, 2nd December 2011

<p>&quot;Several articles in the Spring Issue of Dispute Resolution Magazine, discussed under what circumstances, and how judges conduct settlement discussion in cases assigned to them for trial, as well as the role that other judges and staff m...

What Is Restorative Justice?
Thursday, 28th May 2010

&quot;Restorative justice is a new movement in the fields of victimology and criminology. Acknowledging that crime causes injury to people and communities, it insists that justice repair those injuries and that the parties be permitted to participate ...

Bibliographic Summary Of Cost, Pace, And Satisfaction Studies of Court-Related Mediation Programs, 2nd Ed.
Wednesday, 18th December 2008

Jennifer Shack of Resolution Systems Institute, Updated for 2007.