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Monday, October 18th 2021
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Court Ordered Mediation - Mediation Costs As "Costs Of The Proceedings"
Thursday, 26th June 2009

"The expression "costs of the proceedings" will generally include the costs of a court ordered mediation. Where a party is subject to an order for mediation (whether by consent or not) and intends that the parties will pay their...

Mandatory mediation

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v. Lux [2000] FCA 600
Monday, 12th February 2008

Power of the court to compel parties to mediation, even where one or more parties objects.

Barrett v. Queensland Newspapers Pty Ltd & Brennan & Raddiman [1999] QDC 150
Monday, 12th February 2008

Court's decision to order mediation despite opposition from the parties.

Mediation contract clauses

Al-Hakim v. Monash University [1999] VSC 511
Monday, 12th February 2008

Admissibility of final mediation agreements before courts.

Barry v. City West Water [2000] FCA 1214
Monday, 12th February 2008

Dispute over whether a settlement had been reached at mediation.

Mediation immunity

Arthur JS Hall and Co v. Simons and Barratt v. Ansell v. Schofield Roberts and Hill [2000] UKHL 38
Monday, 12th February 2008

Removal of common law immunitites for barristers in judicial and quasi-judicial proceedings.