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Thursday, September 16th 2021
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Sunday, 13th December 2010

&quot;In the Federal Court judges actively manage cases so that they are quickly and<br />efficiently resolved. Parties are expected to assist in bringing about this result. If you are a party to a dispute you should expect that in the early sta...

Dispute Resolution And Mediation
Thursday, 12th February 2010

&quot;As an independent contractor, you can choose from a range of options to settle disputes, including going to court. However, resolving your dispute outside the court system may be a better way of preserving your business relationships.&quot;

Preparing For Mediation
Thursday, 8th January 2010

&quot;Like everything else we do if mediation is worth trying it is worth doing well. You can only get the most out of Mediation if prepared and ready for all possibilities.&quot;

A Compendium Of Research Papers Presented At The 2007 National ADR Research Forum In Melbourne
Wednesday, 18th December 2008

Provided by the National Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisory Council&#39;s website.