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Tuesday, July 27th 2021
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How to keep the family peace at Christmas

Saturday, 1st December 2019

"Does the prospect of a family Christmas gathering fill you with dread? Are you steeling yourself for the inevitable Brexit/climate-change “discussions” with certain relatives who perhaps don’t see eye to eye with you? Or are you weighed down by the fallout from ancient quarrels and petty jealousies?

If so, then you are not alone. Every January, the charity Relate sees a peak in people seeking help after tensions with family members came to a head at Christmas. Divorce rates increase during this period, too: last year, 455 people in England and Wales filed for divorce online between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day – 13 on Christmas Day itself.

So how do you prevent tensions rising? And, if an argument does kick off, what is the best way to deal with it?

We asked some of the world’s leading experts on conflict resolution for tips on dealing with the tensions of large, long-winded festive gatherings. We consulted lawyers; professional mediators; family counsellors; hostage negotiators and primary school teachers because, as every argumentative family knows, a conflict-free Christmas is worth fighting for."

Worth a read! 

Language: English
Contact: Donna Ferguson

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