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Monday, October 18th 2021
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UK (England and Wales)

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What’s Happening In The Other Room(s)?
Tuesday, 6th May 2020

"Mediation can be an intense experience for parties and their advisers. Often there is a lot on the line. In the substance there may be money, control, reputation, pride. In the process, there are challenges such as influencing other parties, getting...

Mediation and the Laws of Time
Monday, 7th April 2020

"For once, I seem to have time. No travel, no trips out, no long walks on the hills. Some zoom mediations, granted, but still much more time. And with that, I find myself reflecting on the significance of time in mediation.

[Podcast] UK Dispute Resolution Post-Brexit
Thursday, 13th March 2020

"Subscribe to OnAir with Akin Gump

News focus: Solicitors role in reform proposals over housing disputes
Wednesday, 12th March 2020

"A new disputes service is at the heart of proposals from Justice to tackle housing disputes. But it would not be a court, tribunal or ombudsman &ndash...

UK statement to the WTO meeting of the Dispute Settlement Body
Wednesday, 12th March 2020

"UK statement to the WTO meeting of the Dispute Settlement Body (reconvened). Agenda item 9: Appellate Body Appointments (WT/DSB/W/609/REV.17)." Read in full:  ...

Construction disputes and mediation: securing the right result and getting home for tea
Tuesday, 4th March 2020

"Most significant construction disputes go through, or at least flirt with, mediation at some point. Often it’s the last process they go through – because the success rate of mediation in securing settlements is very high.

Use Dispute Resolution Clauses: Prevent Aggro And Promote Settlement
Tuesday, 4th March 2020

"When disputes arise, it can be difficult for parties to agree on how to resolve them. Human nature being what it is, emotions can prevail. Perversely, whether right or wrong, a party might want to make life as hard as possible for the other party. O...

Business Banking Resolution Service (BBRS) announces partnership with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution - CEDR
Wednesday, 27th February 2020

"As part of the BBRS, CEDR will review both eligible historical and current cases submitted by customers.The Business Banking Resolution Service (BBRS), a new independent service set up to resolve disputes between eligible small and me...

CEDR 2020 Rules respond to recent developments to allow further confidence in commercial mediation
Wednesday, 30th January 2020

"CEDR, Europe’s largest independent ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) organisation, launched the 2020 updates of its rules and main model mediation documents at a special event at its headquarters in London.CEDR (Centre for Ef...

We can work it out
Wednesday, 30th January 2020

"Policymakers love the c...

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