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Thursday, May 13th 2021
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UK (England and Wales)

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Cross-border Dispute Resolution
Wednesday, 10th October 2019

Event DetailsThis three-day programme is focused on current developments and strategies in cross-border dispute resolution. Cross-border dispute resolution is a part of the practice of almost every commercial lawyer and knowledge in this area is ess...

Technology in mediations: keep the human touch
Sunday, 19th August 2019

"In the latest of our alternative dispute resolution series for Construction Law, we consider the use of technology in mediations and recent advice for mediators on the topic published by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR). The ...

Judicial Review vs Mediation
Sunday, 19th August 2019

"Here Lawyer Monthly hears from Patrick Cannon, a leading SDLT and tax appeals barrister, who explains that professional advisers wh...

In Your Court: Offshore Dispute Resolution Review - July 2019
Wednesday, 15th August 2019

"The recent INSOL Channel Islands seminar last month saw a record turn-out of over 150 restructuring and insolvency practitioners to discuss major topics impacting our industry, from the future of audit to the interaction of new asset classes with th...

Reforming Regulation Of Healthcare Professionals: A Step Forward?
Tuesday, 24th July 2019

"What does the future hold for the regulation of healthcare professionals? The government's 

O2 UK renews collaboration with Ombudsman Services for dispute resolution
Tuesday, 24th July 2019

"O2 UK has extended its partnership with the Ombudsman Services scheme for three more years. Approved by Ofcom, the scheme offers third-party alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services. Its main purpose is to handle and investigate unresolved c...

The Singapore Convention On Mediation – A Boost For International Dispute Settlements?
Thursday, 19th July 2019

"Mediation is a powerful process

Court fee remission – a worthy exercise
Thursday, 19th July 2019

"Court fees can be a significant hurdle to commencing litigation, with fees up to £10,000 being required to even issue a claim."Read in full: 

Economic Duress – How Far Is Too Far?
Wednesday, 20th June 2019

"Introduction What options are available to a party which finds itself pressured to enter into a contract?  It might be possible to undo the agreement on the basis that it was reached under duress -  even, in principle, where th...

Don’t Sit On Your Ass[ets] – Part 2: The Arguments
Sunday, 10th June 2019

"This is the second in my short series on using your assets well in a mediation. The first was on the people

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