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Monday, June 14th 2021
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UK (England and Wales)

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Charities and Disputes
Sunday, 13th December 2010

&quot;In the context of a legal dispute, mediation is a voluntary, non-binding, private dispute resolution process in which a neutral person (the mediator) helps the parties to try to reach a negotiated settlement of a dispute. Unlike court proceeding...

Nudging Mediation: Applying ?Nudge? thinking to
Wednesday, 9th December 2010

<p>&lsquo;Nudge&rsquo; thinking will transform workplace grievance culture according to White Paper published recently.</p>

Restorative Justice
Monday, 23rd November 2010

&quot;The majority of the founding members of the restorative justice project, including many high ranking officers from the Avon and Somerset Constabulary, town, county and district councillors, representatives&nbsp; from Yarlington Homes and the...

New Leaflets explaining Tenancy Deposit Protection
Sunday, 1st November 2010

&quot;The existence of the ADR will also encourage tenants and landlords to have clear agreements, such as inventories, on the condition of the property from the outset - offering additional protection to landlords.&quot;

13th World RJ Conference, Day one
Saturday, 24th October 2010

&quot;The 13th International Institute of Restorative Practices World Conference on restorative justice opened today in Hull, U.K. Twenty four countries are represented among the 500 participants. The day long plenary session included reports on resto...

Why We need to abandon ADR
Wednesday, 23rd September 2010

&quot;&ldquo;Alternative&rdquo; marginalises mediation and collaboration and suggests that they are second choice and second best. If mediation and collaboration were referred to, for example, as methods of PDR (primary dispute resolution, as ...

Spreading the Word in Europe
Wednesday, 23rd September 2010

&quot;The IACP conference led to an invitation for Resolution&rsquo;s ADR Director Sarah Lloyd to speak at the Italian Collaborative Law Institute&rsquo;s half day conference in Rome in July. At this event Sarah gave delegates an overview of a...

The Government ADR Pledge
Wednesday, 23rd September 2010

&quot;In March 2001, the then Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine pledged formally to commit government departments and agencies to use mediation to settle legal disputes in all suitable cases wherever the party accepted it. Since then, the Government has an...

The Search for Justice
Wednesday, 23rd September 2010

&quot;The coalition is aiming to both reform the justice system and dramatically cut its budget. Filmmaker and criminologist Roger Graef, who has campaigned for reform of the system for many years, believes it is a crisis that should not be wasted.&am...

Wednesday, 9th September 2010

&quot;When all&#39;s not well in love you go to relationship counselling. In the consumer world, you go to an &#39;arbitration tribunal&#39; for mediation - it&#39;s a way of resolving disputes without having to go to court. It&#39...

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