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Tuesday, July 27th 2021
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UK (England and Wales)

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Restorative Justice
Thursday, 16th October 2009

&quot;A further 25 individuals have been dealt with by way of restorative justice or being issued with a fixed penalty notice.&quot;

Ten-minute Justice
Thursday, 9th October 2009

&quot;Teenage muggers and burglars can escape jail by carrying out as little as ten minutes of community service a week, it has emerged.&quot;

UK Prison System Needs To Be Reformed And "Localised"
Thursday, 9th October 2009

&quot;Restorative justice is an increasingly common addition to conventional criminal justice. It brings together the victim and offender to resolve their problems. Victim satisfaction levels are reported to be much higher when using these techniques,...

ACAS Reports Increase In Conciliatory Referrals
Thursday, 25th September 2009

&quot;ACAS has released its report for 2008 / 2009 and states that there has been a &#39;rapid and sustained increase&#39; in the number of conciliation referrals involving claims being pursued before employment tribunals.&quot;

Staff/student Dispute Resolution Is ?Inadequate?, Says Study
Thursday, 25th September 2009

&quot;Universities&rsquo; arrangements for dealing with disputes involving staff and students are inadequate, according to a new report from the Improving Dispute Resolution taskforce.&quot;

Saying Sorry Cuts The Cost Of Crime
Thursday, 25th September 2009

&quot;Under so-called restorative justice, criminal damage, minor thefts and minor assaults can be dealt with in accordance with victims&#39; wishes without the case going to court &ndash; which cuts down on paperwork.&quot;

Resolving Workplace Disputes
Thursday, 31st July 2009

&quot;Whilst the emphasis on ADR gives a new setting for the LRA, the proposals carry the suggestion that the remit of LRA professional staff should be wider and, where disputes are not settled by consultation, conciliation, mediation or agreed arbitr...

Mediation Is Key To Saving Thousands
Thursday, 26th June 2009

&quot;The survey &ndash; of cases at the London, Birmingham and Bristol TCC&rsquo;s between the summers of 2006 and 2008 &ndash; is the first ever to attempt to assess the effectiveness and cost savings associated with mediations in the co...

Budget Means A Rise In Litigation
Thursday, 8th May 2009

&quot;One of the alternative dispute resolution procedures commonly used by litigators is mediation.&quot;

Alternative Approach To Prisons Published
Monday, 7th April 2009

&quot;A joined-up, rehabilitative approach to prisons is needed if over-crowding and repeat offending are to be tackled, a report released by the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) has suggested.&quot;

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